Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

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Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

Hi, my name is Julie, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, I was traveling in South America, and I fell in love. I thought it would be easy to bring my love back to Australia, but it ended up being more confusing than I had ever imagined. Ultimately, my love and I got help from an immigration attorney. This blog is about that experiences, and it also includes tips on other immigration scenarios. If you want help, advice, tips or inspiration, please check out these posts. Enjoy reading, and I wish you the best on your immigration journey!


Reasons To Hire An Immigration Attorney For Lodging A Partner Visa Application

Moving to Australia is a dream come true for many people. However, if your spouse wants to relocate to Australia, the process can be intricate and daunting because of the many stages involved. Therefore, an immigration law service can help you go through the visa application process and guarantee a high success rate. An immigration attorney deals with hundreds of clients every year. Therefore, the attorney's knowledge and experience in immigration law mean that they can confidently offer advice on a strategy that has the strongest chance of earning you a visa. Here are some facts about hiring an immigration attorney for lodging a partner visa application.

Low Visa Application Charges in the Long Run

The process of making Australia your home can be overwhelming and costly. In the last few years, the application fees for partner visas have doubled with no guarantee that your application will be successful due to stringent application criteria. If you choose to apply for the visa on your own, the chances are that the application can be rejected. As such, your application fee will be forfeited because it is nonrefundable. If you have to apply again, then you will incur additional costs with no surety that you will be lucky the next time. Hiring an experienced immigration attorney can significantly minimise the chances of applying for a visa several times. In the long run, you end up saving money and time. Applicants should think of a legal consultant as an insurance against future loss or damages.

Simplicity in The Process

The murkiness in the process of visa application coupled with the tonne of information involved can leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. Sometimes, visa applicants who are not strong-willed give up along the way. Simplify stated, the visa application process is lengthy and needs one to be patient and do a lot of research on the best course of action. A certified immigration attorney can shoulder the burden on your behalf by gathering evidence, lodging the application and coordinating with the relevant government agencies to secure a visa. In a nutshell, a lawyer can change the visa application journey from unbearable to convenient.


One common reason why most partner visa applications are rejected is that individuals fail to satisfy the eligibility criteria. When you consult an immigration attorney at the initial stages, you can explore your visa options and your eligibility. Because of the knowledge and experience of the lawyer, you can gain useful insights such as suitability, costs involved, chances of success and expected duration. The expert can also help you identify legal challenges with your application and offer viable solutions.