Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

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Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

Hi, my name is Julie, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, I was traveling in South America, and I fell in love. I thought it would be easy to bring my love back to Australia, but it ended up being more confusing than I had ever imagined. Ultimately, my love and I got help from an immigration attorney. This blog is about that experiences, and it also includes tips on other immigration scenarios. If you want help, advice, tips or inspiration, please check out these posts. Enjoy reading, and I wish you the best on your immigration journey!


Essential Tips for Successful Uploading of a Partner Visa Application

Perhaps the most sensitive part of a partner visa application is collecting, organising and submitting evidence. Indeed, collecting and organising evidence for a partner visa application will feel like an impossible task if you have years' worth of documents and photos. Nonetheless, you need as much evidence as possible if you want the immigration department to process and grant your partner visa with no requests for additional information. While there is no wrong way to upload evidential documents to the immigration department's portal, you should remember specific issues. Read More