Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

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Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

Hi, my name is Julie, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, I was traveling in South America, and I fell in love. I thought it would be easy to bring my love back to Australia, but it ended up being more confusing than I had ever imagined. Ultimately, my love and I got help from an immigration attorney. This blog is about that experiences, and it also includes tips on other immigration scenarios. If you want help, advice, tips or inspiration, please check out these posts. Enjoy reading, and I wish you the best on your immigration journey!


A Guide on the Australian Visitor Visa Sponsored Family Stream

Would you want to visit family members that live in Australia? The Australian visitor visa (subclass 600) sponsored family stream allows family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents to visit Australia for up to twelve months. Read to learn more about the subclass 600 visa. If you intend to apply for this visa, you will need to meet the health and character requirements set by the immigration department. Simply put, you should not have an infectious disease. Read More