Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

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Bringing Love Home with the Help of an Immigration Attorney

Hi, my name is Julie, and welcome to my blog. A few years ago, I was traveling in South America, and I fell in love. I thought it would be easy to bring my love back to Australia, but it ended up being more confusing than I had ever imagined. Ultimately, my love and I got help from an immigration attorney. This blog is about that experiences, and it also includes tips on other immigration scenarios. If you want help, advice, tips or inspiration, please check out these posts. Enjoy reading, and I wish you the best on your immigration journey!


Navigating Migration Law in Australia: How Migration Agents Can Help You Get Your Visa

Migration agents are vital cogs in the wheel of the Australian immigration system. Getting a work visa can be a lengthy, complex process involving what can feel like an unending procession of paperwork, medical checks, statutory declarations and a myriad of documents that prove your identity, credentials, and purpose for migrating to Australia. This is where migration agents can be a real help: They have studied Australian immigration law in detail They understand the process of applying for the various types of visas intimately They are trained to help you complete the forms, get together the paperwork and put together your application They can explain the process to you in plain English, cutting through the legalese and bureaucrat-speak so that you fully understand what is happening, why they need this or that document and so on. Read More